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Royal Wedding sees Muir residents crown change in nation's TV Licensing

MUIR residents have been instrumental in changing the way the nation will enjoy the Royal Wedding after sparking a change in television licensing.

Residents at Muir’s Fusilier Court sheltered housing scheme have helped ensure current licence regulations will be lifted on May 19th, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot in front of millions of television viewers.

While most residents have television sets in their rooms - and licences - the communal area at Fusilier Court in Bury does not currently have a TV, or a licence.

Rules suggested they must fork out £150.50 to get a new licence for the pleasure of watching in a communal room.

James Frith MP with Muir residents But Bury North MP, James Frith (pictured right, with residents Eunice Foster (left) and Margaret Morgan), agreed to take their case to BBC boss Tony Hall, with the TV Licensing body agreeing residents in similar schemes and in care homes across the UK can now view the ceremony without buying a new permit solely for the day.

Fusilier Court resident, Margaret Morgan, 82, said: “The whole complex can get together to enjoy the excitement of the wedding, instead of being alone on this happy occasion.”

The achievement has been picked up by the national press, with The Mirror newspaper announcing the success on its website following the decision.

In his letter to Lord Hall, Mr Frith championed the cause of the Muir residents, saying: “This is such a special event that no-one should miss out on the chance to join the national celebration.”

Fusilier Court Christine Lister, 69, who lives at Fusilier Court said: “It is nice to share Prince Harry and Meghan’s happiness with friends and neighbours.”

And fellow resident, Sylvia Dunn, 75, added: “It’s so that all residents who wish to, will have the pleasure of getting together and watch the Royal Wedding as a group.”

Everyone at Fusilier Court would like to thank Mr Frith for acting upon their wish to watch the big day together.

The full article published by The Mirror can be found here.