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'I Was In A Mess With My Rent But Muir's Money Advisors Put Me Back In Control'

‘BEING back in control’ is how one woman has described the relief Muir’s Money Advice service has brought to her life.

Muir resident, Karen Walton, says she dreaded opening her mail or getting a knock on her door as money worries mounted, leaving her struggling to pay her rent.

But after initially burying her head in the sand, she plucked up the courage to give Muir a call and has encouraged other residents to trust the housing association rather than fear for their future.

Karen Walton“Muir’s Money Advisor, Wayne Pearson, was totally on my side and very supportive,” said Karen, 56.

“He came across like a friend and his help has made me feel like I am back in control of my situation.

“Before I finally called Muir I was trying to avoid them because I had got myself into a bit of a mess with my rent.

“I was burying my head in the sand and it was very stressful. I dreaded receiving my post or getting a knock on my door.

“But calling Muir made such a difference. I feel so much more relieved and happier now that I feel more in control and am dealing with my debt.”

Wayne visited Karen (both pictured below), a Muir resident for 14 years, at her home in Blackpool, and helped her itemise her monthly spending – producing a budgeting plan based on where she could save money.

Wayne Pearson and Karen Walton By sticking to the plan, she is back in control and said: “By itemising things you realise exactly what you have going out and coming in.

“Simple things like just having cups of coffee at cafés all add up and I realised there were some easy ways to save the money I needed to put towards paying off my debts.

“I would definitely encourage any Muir resident with money worries to give Muir’s Money Advisors a call.

“There is no need to be scared because they really do help,” Karen added.

Call Muir on 0300 123 1222 to speak to one of Muir’s Money Advisors for free.