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Colour Helps Create Community Spirit Among Gardeners on Feel-Good Muir Estate

A MUIR community is bursting with colour after some of its residents got into gardening to give their estate a bright new look.

Residents living on St George’s Walk in Worcester say their community is blooming with the feel-good factor as beautiful flowers fill the places where weeds used to linger.

Gardens Coming together has helped strengthen their community spirit, and the residents say the gorgeous gardens epitomise the pride they have for the place in which they live.

“I love gardening and some of the residents put a lot of effort into it,” said 81-year-old Joyce Fisher.

“The flowers all look beautiful and it feels lovely to have gardens which look so tidy.

“I enjoy sweeping the paths and keeping them clean. When people see you do it, it inspires them too.

“It makes the estate look really nice and it is a lovely place to live.”

Gardens The residents originally got together to clear an area of ground that had started to become neglected, obtaining some funding from Muir to get them going, before their efforts blossomed on other parts of the estate as well.

Joe Butterworth, another of the Muir residents getting green-fingered said: “A number of residents got together to do this and it has helped strengthen our community spirit.

“Once we started clearing one bit of ground we just carried on and on.

“I like living here and this has helped give the residents a real feel-good factor.Gardens

“We take a lot of pride in our community.”

Another resident, Matthew Raybould added: “We have made new flower beds and extended the borders which look a lot nicer than the thorn bushes we used to have here.

“It is really nice now and we sit outside quite often.

“We have spent a lot of money on things like flowers and furniture, and we also have a lovely rockery.

“Over the years it has made a big difference.”