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Tenant Engagement Experts to help new Muir Resident body become reality

EXCITING efforts to form a shadow residents body to help govern Muir have taken a big step forward.

Tpas – The Tenant Engagement Experts, have been appointed as consultants for the initiative which will help Muir residents have a greater say in how the housing association operates.

The new residents body will work in partnership with Muir, strengthening the voice of tenants and offering greater influence over the Association’s business and service provision.

Tpas’ appointment has been welcomed by residents who have already become a part of helping to make the new shadow body become a reality.

Sean Simpson Sean Simpson, a Muir resident engaging with the project (pictured left) said: “Having Tpas working to help put this together is massive as they have more than 30 years of experience in making these types of groups a success.

“This body will be a voice for residents and we will be able to work in cooperation with Muir to make their housing service even better.

“Residents need to grasp this opportunity with both hands and I welcome anyone who might be interested to accept the challenge and get involved.”

Tpas is a not-for-profit organisation. Their membership is made up of local tenants and landlord organisations, covering more than 2.2 million homes.

TPAS logoThe organisation is dedicated to improving tenant engagement standards across the country, bringing tenants, landlords and contractors together through a wide range of services, independent and impartial advice, support, consultancy, and training.

Gillian Mclaren, Tpas National Consultancy Manager said: “We are very excited to be part of such a fantastic initiative and we will use all our expertise to make this a real success.”

Muir believes the involvement of Tpas can be vital in ensuring the successful formation of the new resident body.

Shadow resident body Muir’s Assistant Director of Communities and Customer Service, Jackie Perry said: “It’s fantastic to announce that we have appointed Tpas to work with us and our residents to co-design a new resident governance structure.

“It’s going to be an exciting journey and a terrific opportunity for residents to get involved and make a difference.”

Jackie Grannell, the Tpas Associate delivering the work on behalf of Tpas added: ‘’I am looking forward to working with Muir residents and staff to develop this exciting project.”

A recruitment process for the resident body is expected to get underway in April.

Keep an eye on Muir’s website for further details.