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Residents invited to help govern Muir as part of exciting new structure

MUIR is inviting its residents to become part of an exciting new group which puts them at the heart of helping to govern the housing association.

A new shadow residents body is being created to work in partnership with Muir, strengthen the voice of tenants and offer a greater influence over the Association’s business and service provision.

In September 2017, Muir Group Board considered and approved the details proposals from the Task and Finish group, to set up a new national resident body.

TJackie Perryhe new approach to resident governance and engagement supports Muir Group Housing Association’s commitment towards greater co-regulation.

Jackie Perry, Assistant Director of Communities and Customer Service at Muir (pictured) said: “This new structure will be the catalyst for the ways in which the Association works in partnership with its residents in the future.”

The aim is to have a resident governance structure that:

  • Is relevant to current and future needs of both residents and the Association.
  • Strengthens the resident voice, offering a greater influence over business and service provision in relation to issues that directly affect residents using co-design principles.
  • Scrutinises, monitors performance and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Influences and helps to shape a service review programme and undertakes an appropriate role in these reviews
  • Develops and maintains a strong, meaningful and influential relationship with the Board.
  • Represents the diversity of residents both in terms of geography, type of tenure and demographics.

Residents To support the development of the resident governance structure, the shadow resident body will be set up to help co-design and work in partnership with the Association.

Muir is also in the process of engaging consultancy support to help establish the new national residents body, which will work closely with the Association and its engaged residents.

To express your interest in becoming involved with the shadow residents body, or for further details, contact Muir’s Customer Service Teams on 0300 123 1222.