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Resident 'Enjoying Fresh Start for the New Year' Thanks to Muir's Help

A MAN says he is enjoying a fresh start in life after becoming a Muir resident in time to lift his spirits for the New Year.

London-born West Ham fan, David Allanson, was helped to find a home with Muir when he found himself sofa surfing with friends after moving out of “unsuitable” shared accommodation.

The 35-year-old moved into the property Muir found for him in Skelmersdale, near Wigan, just one month after getting in touch with the Association.

David Allanson And he says Muir’s continued support also helped him secure some of the things he needed to help his flat become a home after arriving with little more than the clothes on his back.

“I am really pleased I got in touch with Muir,” said David, who said he received a recommendation about the housing association by a fellow resident and friend.

“I explained my situation to Muir and it’s been a really good experience with them – really quick and easy.

“I liked the flat as soon as I got it. It’s great to be having a fresh start because I was quite down when I arrived.

“I’d been sleeping on people’s sofas having previously lived in shared accommodation, which wasn’t really suitable and I needed to get away.

“I feel a lot better about things now thanks to Muir.

David Allanson “I am living in a nice, quiet environment and it is a lot less stressful.

Muir’s help didn’t stop there however, providing David with options on where he could get affordable kitchen appliances for his new home.

“When I arrived I just had a bag of clothes and my games console” said David, who, when he is not following his beloved West Ham, enjoys the occasional game of snooker with his brother.

“Muir put me in touch with the ‘Hope’ charity shop in Digmore where I was able to get a fridge and a freezer.

“I also got a television from the community centre and so I feel more at home now.”

And David says he would encourage others who find themselves in a similar position to he did to get in touch with Muir too.

My Tenancy Services Officer, Simon Kirby, gave me some great advice, and I would advise anyone in a difficult position to contact Muir for help finding a home.

“They’ve been great,” he added. David Allanson