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Muir Can Aid You in Your Home If Your Circumstances Change - Providing Adaptations to Suit Your Needs

MAKING sure residents are comfortable and confident in their homes is a key part of being a caring landlord.

Muir understands that people’s needs can change due to illness or disability, and as such we work to ensure our homes remain suitable for residents.

Once we are made aware of a change in circumstance, Muir tries to help by providing aids or adaptations wherever possible, at no extra cost to residents.

These allow residents to remain in their home and continue living independently, with increased safety and stability.

Aids and Adaptations When Muir resident, David Mackenzie, became ill, Muir provided a range of aids and adaptations to ensure he benefited from the support we could provide.

Muir initially provided these in the first floor flat in which he and his partner were living, and then in a ground floor float within the same building when one became available as it was more suitable to his needs.

Watch the video to hear what Daniel and his partner, David, had to say about the service they received from Muir.

To learn more about aids and adaptations that Muir can offer, visit www.muir.org.uk/aids-and-adaptations

Call Muir on 0300 123 1222 to discuss your aid and adaptation needs.