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LEGO enthusiast solved his housing puzzle when he found sheltered accommodation with Muir

A LEGO enthusiast says moving into Muir’s sheltered McCartney House scheme brought new social opportunities to life.

Paul Sibley, who enjoys piecing together LEGO landmarks and jigsaws, has been putting new pieces of his life into place after struggling to manage living in his own home after the loss of his wife.

Paul Sibley A wheelchair user, Paul described himself as having been in “a very difficult situation” after her death, with complications resulting from his own heart problems meaning he isn’t as mobile as he’d like.

But the social aspect of McCartney House, in Godmanchester near Huntingdon, is one of the driving forces behind his positive outlook on life, admitting to revisiting his childhood by building LEGO structures, as well as bridges with fellow residents at the scheme.

“Muir were brilliant when I needed them and enabled me to move in – It meant a lot,” said Paul, 59.

“McCartney House has a brilliant scheme manager and Muir do a good job on the whole.

“There are some things that you have to wait for but there is great potential for Muir to do even more.”

Paul lost no time in making himself feel at home.

“It’s a nice place to live and a lovely building,” he said.

LEGO models“I’ve found doing puzzles extremely helpful since I’ve been here. There’s always a jigsaw on the go.

“People join in and do the odd bit and you end up having a good old chat.

“It is a good opportunity to sit and feel part of a group. It can be a very sociable place to live, which is probably the most important thing.

Paul has also started spending time building modest LEGO structures of some of the world’s most famous landmarks since settling in at McCartney House.

“It’s something that happened since I moved here,” he said.

“I forgot how much I use to like it as a kid.”

Paul has built LEGO models of buildings such as Buckingham Palace, the Arc de Triomphe and The White House, as well as LEGO Technics models.

Now he is working on a way to try and help McCartney House obtain funding to further develop its communal gardens.

Paul Sibley LEGO models LEGO models Paul Sibley