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Baby boy born during mum's first night with Muir

A NEW resident celebrated the birth of a baby boy after he made an unexpected appearance during her first night with Muir.

Twenty-Seven-year-old Danielle Griffiths had just moved into her Blackpool home when impatient little Corey decided he wanted to see the property for himself.

Just hours after unboxing her belongings, Danielle gave birth inside the house itself as Corey’s quick-thinking Aunt delivered him while an ambulance sped to the scene in the early hours of December 5th.

But despite arriving a few weeks early, Corey and Danielle are both doing fine as he enjoys life alongside his mum and sister, two-year-old Kelsey.

Danielle Griffiths “It was like he was waiting for us to move,” Danielle said.

“But I was glad he arrived when he did so we could enjoy Christmas together.

“His Aunty is really proud of him after doing so well to deliver him too.”

The move came just at the right time for Danielle having spent the previous nine months in a women’s refuge before finding accommodation with Muir.

“I was so excited just looking at the property from outside when I saw it for the first time,” she said. “Absolutely buzzing.

“One of my friends is a Muir resident and she had good things to say.

Danielle Griffiths “I moved into the property just a week after I viewed it and although I made friends at the refuge, this is a much better environment for us to be in,

“I feel really secure knowing that this is my home and I get great support from Muir as my landlord.

“I absolutely love it here and I’m very comfortable.”

Danielle benefited from a hardship grant which helped her buy new carpets after receiving assistance from Muir Tenancy Services Officer, Emma Ashton, since her application for the property was received.

“Emma has been really great,” Danielle said. “And Muir has also done any repairs straight away too – they are really good and I can’t fault them at all.

Danielle Griffiths“Life is a lot less stressful now and things are really falling into place.

“The house is in a great location, just around the corner from my brother and close to a nursery and the doctor’s, as well as the town centre.

“Little by little I am decorating each room and it has quickly become our home, so moving here with Muir has been really great.”