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Allowing Muir to Perform Vital Gas Safety Checks Inside Your Home Could Save Your Life

IT IS HUGELY important for residents to help Muir ensure you stay safe inside your homes – particularly when it comes to Gas Safety.

Each year Muir contractors carry out vital and potentially life-saving gas safety checks at all the Association’s 5,000 properties.

To do this, we need residents to enable us to have access into their homes.

Without it, we may be unable to identify a dangerous gas safety issue – something which may be life-threatening to residents and families.

Mike Proudfoot Mike Proudfoot, Muir’s Compliance Manager (pictured) said: “These checks are a legal requirement and are crucial to ensure gas safety inside our residents’ homes.

“Allowing us access into your Muir home to perform these checks could save your life.”

When a gas safety check is due, residents will receive a letter advising them of the date and time a fully-qualified operative will visit.

It is important to take notice of the letter you receive.


1. Why is your annual gas safety check and service important?

Not having your gas appliances checked for safety each year could put the lives of you and your family at risk from Carbon Monoxide poisoning or a gas explosion.

There have been many reported gas explosions in recent years that could have been prevented.


Gas Safe 2. What does it entail?

A morning or afternoon appointment where our contractor visits your home to carry out tests on all your gas appliances (e.g. boiler, fire, etc) and detectors (e.g. smoke, etc).

This would take a maximum of 40 minutes, but is often completed in less time.

This service also provides an opportunity for a qualified engineer to inspect Muir’s boiler or gas fire to ensure your appliances are working safely and efficiently and not costing you money.


3. What are the repercussions if no access is given to carry out this check?

More than 90% of Muir residents allow access to their home for our contractors to carry out this vital safety check at the first appointment.

It is very important that you contact Muir’s Customer Services Team and arrange a suitable time when our contractors can call to complete an overdue gas safety check.

Please respond to this letter without delay.

Failure to respond will be seen as a breach of your tenancy agreement and will lead to legal action being taken against you through the courts, which leads to Muir being given an injunction to enter your home.

This is a process we wish to avoid, ensuring we can carry out vital gas safety checks as soon as possible.